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how to apply a vinyl bumper or window decal

For a killer vinyl application, start with a clean slate on a day that's 7 degrees Celsius or warmer – that's the sweet spot for the vinyl to stick like a champ. Pick a surface that's not just smooth, flat, and glossy but also cleaned up beforehand for that flawless finish – smooth helps dodge imperfections, and glossy makes the bond with the vinyl rock-solid. Oh, and a heads up – no pressure washing after applying the vinyl. That could mess up the bond, and we don't want that. Stick to these tips, and you'll rock a slick, durable vinyl look that can handle whatever the environment throws at it.


Clean Surface

Clean application surface with soap water and/or acetone, allow to fully dry.


Peel Backing

Carefully peel away the paper backing from the decal, ensuring the decal stays stuck to the transfer tape.


Align Decal

Without touching the transfer tape and decal down onto the surface, make sure it's straight and where you want it before gently pressing it onto the prepared surface.


Squeegee On

Using a debit/credit card, push air away from the center of the decal. Careful to avoid wrinkles in the material.


Peel Transfer Tape

Once you've full adhered the decal, slowly peel away the transfer tape from the top of the decal.

Struggling with application?

send us a message and we'll get back to you with some tips and tricks!
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